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What is ANNEX M?

Annex M is the next generation of ADSL broadband services offering speeds of up to 16Mbs download and 2.3Mbs upload.

Annex M Availability

Annex M services are available from over 2000 exchanges in the UK. 

How does Annex M work?

Annex M is part of the new 21CN services of broadband connectivity based on ADSL 2 + technology and works by using RATE ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY.This means that each connection will synchronise with the DSLAM at the local exchange and sync up to he highest possible speed available. Where as ADSL MAX currently has a maximum down load and up load speed of 8mbs and 800Kbs respectively ADSL 2 + and Annex M take the limits off further, in theory offering up to 16Mbs down and 2.5Mbs up, while still offering the highest possible stability. With every ADSL connection speed is still determined by the line length and quality of copper between your premises and local exchange.

Are Annex M ADSL services available from every UK telephone exchange?

Currently only approximately 2000 Exchanges are enabled nationwid.

What speed can I expect withAnnex M ADSL Broadband Services?

As stated earlier Annex M Broadband is a true RATE ADAPTIVE technology and like ADSL MAX technology the speed you will receive with Annex M service will differ depending on the quality of your line and the distance between the customer premises and the local telephone exchange. Currently it is possible to get maximum speeds of 16Mbs down and 2.5Mbs up.

Will I have to upgrade my router or modem to run ADSL MAX?

Most ADSL routers and modems were designed to handle ADSL 2+ technology and shouldn't see a problem. If you do have a problem check with your ISP or upgrade your firmware.

What is the difference between ADSL 2+ and Annex M?

ADSL 2+ technology offers up to 16Mbs download and 1Mbs upload. With Annex M broadband service providers take some of the download speed and give it to the upload speed. If you are currently getting 16Mbs down and 1Mbs up on ADSL 2+ then swapping to Annex M will more likely see a download speed of 12Mbs and an upload speed of 2Mbs.

DSL Variants

  • ADSL 256kbit/s upload, 2Mbit/s download
  • ADSL MAX Up to 800kbit/s upload, 8Mbit/s download
  • ADSL 2 Plus Up to 1Mbit/s upload 24Mbit/s download
  • Annex M Up to 2.5Mbit's upload 16Mbs download
  • HDSL 1.5Mbit/s to 2Mbit/s both ways (full duplex)
  • SDSL 2Mbit/s both ways (full duplex)
  • VDSL 13Mbit/s upload, 52Mbit/s download